Friday, 27 July 2012

Just for Fun 3 - Another UK Memory

After leaving Hay-on-Wye we headed back into England, a short way down the road we came to a river crossing and toll house. I remember at the time scrounging for the right change because it was such a small amount compared to the few pound coins I has gotten out as we passed the sign saying "Toll Bridge Ahead". A bloke came over just as we dropped our 80p in the box and as the boom gate floated up he waved and said thank you.

I remarked that he must own the bridge and after doing some searching today it seems I may have been right.

The Whitney-on-Wye bridge was built in 1797 by an Act of Parliament that also exempts the toll income from tax...Grahame Penny and Maggie Taylor bought the bridge after selling their training business...The firm who sold the bridge estimated that the owner can expect to make £2,000-a-week from the 80p of the new owners, said: "Our plans are to modernise the toll cottage, improve the visitor facilities and upgrade systems."
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Seems like a nice life £2000 a week tax free, a place by the river and just a short drive to a town with close to 30 bookshops.

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