Monday, 16 November 2009

Parable of the Pensioner and the Lotto

The Kingdom of Sorrows is like a pensioner who had a few spare dollars one week so decided to bet it on the lotto. He played his grandchildren's birthdays but didn't win anything. The next week he thought to himself, knowing my luck my numbers will come up this week when I don't have a ticket. So he walked to the shops instead of catching the bus and used the money he saved to by a ticket. Again he did not win. As soon as I stop buying tickets these numbers are bound to come up, he thought, I had better keep buying them so that doesn't happen, because I would be mad if my numbers came up and I did not have a ticket. So every week he would skip a meal or not use the bus or go without something so he had the money to buy his lotto ticket. His numbers never came up.

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